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The Global Resource for buyers and suppliers, with exact matching services for prototype & production, tooling, custom parts & assemblies.

Supply Partners

Who should be a supply partner?

If you the actual manufacturer of any of the tooling, parts or subassemblies covered on the web site, and you would like to work with MakeItGlobal to promote your products and services globally, please contact us.

Your team should ask itself, what product or service does your company do well? If you know exactly the product or service you want to promote, then we can help you sell to a global market.

As a supply partner we would develop a relationship with your company to fully understand your capabilities, and help you promote it globally.

What’s the difference between just having your details on, and being a supply partner?

As a supply partner-

  • Our sales team, or ’finders’, will understand the exact products and services your company provides as a supply partner. When they are talking with customers or visiting customers face to face, they will tell the customer about your company, so the customer can contact you directly with RFQ’s etc.
  • We can show the customer your full company profile on So potential customers can view all you company details, including videos, images, product description, links to your website etc, and the customer can contact you direct.
  • All of our support partners will also know about your product or service and contact you direct if they have a customer or RFQ, that matches the product or service you provide.


Is one that actually manufactures the tooling, parts or assemblies.

Is a company who’s primary business is NOT the manufacture of tooling, parts or assemblies, but provide local support services to local end customers.

What are buyers looking for in a good supply partner?

Buyers using are always looking for high quality, reliable suppliers that fit the exact needs they have. Price if course is always a part of the discussion, but they are looking for-

  • Does the company provide the exact service I am looking for?
  • Country or location of your company
  • Specialist services
  • Quality certification ISO / TS etc
  • Management team strength
  • Company infrastructure and stability
  • Length of time in business
  • Financial stability
  • In house capabilities
  • Technical, process and troubleshooting knowledge
  • Project management
  • Quality history and customer references.
  • Languages spoken to include English at management level where possible
  • Support services in other countries

All supply partners should high quality, well respected businesses, typically with ISO 9001 certification.

Smaller supply companies

Buyers are also looking for small companies that may not have the features above, but provide a specific service with good quality work, at competitive prices. So small well run manufacturing shops, can also me great supply partners.

How many partners will there be?

Our goal is to satisfy the buyer, customer or end user of MakeItGlobal must be a useful service to them, and their primary source when looking for tooling, parts or assemblies. So our goal is to have high quality partners in every major region or country, covering every major product or service.

By being ‘the place that buyers go’ you will benefit the most as a partner with more enquiries and RFQ’s

The number of partners per region / country will depend on each country, but it is essential the end user of can find a good reliable partner or supplier.

Become a supply partner

So if you company manufactures prototypes, tooling, parts or assemblies, and you want to help you promote your business globally, please Contact Us.

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