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The Global Resource for buyers and suppliers, with exact matching services for prototype & production, tooling, custom parts & assemblies.


Advertizing is focused on the buyer site of

Who should advertize

The main viewers to the buyer site, are buyers for prototype and production tooling, processed parts & sub assemblies, either searching globally or locally for a supplier. Buyers also search local to themselves, for support and repair services.

You should advertize on if you are a -

  • Rapid Prototyping company – has a whole area dedicated to prototyping.
  • Tool making company – for any type of tooling on
  • Processor - if your company uses tooling to process parts for any major process.
  • Manufacturing and Assembly company – using processed parts.
  • Jigs, fixtures and gauges manufacturer.
  • Support company – providing engineering change and tooling repair services.
  • Integrator – providing local, full customer support for buying, managing & supporting molds & dies
  • Supplier to the tooling industry, Steel supplier, standard component supplier etc,

So if you are any of these and want global exposure, we want to hear from you. Please Contact us.

Advertizing options

1. Advertize through education.

If your company provides a service using any of the main processes on the homepage, and you have either-

  • A short video clip showing the process.
  • A detailed, technical explanation of the process on your website that viewers would be interested in and gain knowledge from, then we want to hear from you.

Your video clip or web page with the process explanation would be linked directly to one of those processes, right there on the homepage! The video clip or written explanation from your web site should be educational showing the process, and not just promoting your company. Your company name and link to your website will be displayed on any video link, and any written explanation will be a direct link to your website page.

Examples of Major process

  • Rapid Prototype processes & rapid tooling techniques
  • Machining techniques, fabrication techniques etc.
  • Tooling and processing for plastics- Injection, Compression, Blow, Rotational molds etc
  • Tooling and processing for metals- Die casting, Stamping, Metal Injection Molding etc
  • Tooling and processing for other materials – Composite processing techniques / Ceramics etc
  • Sub assemblies – do you have any specialist processes, welding, finishing etc

2. Advertize showing your logo and website link.

When buyers do a live search for suppliers, once the search results are returned, there is a column on the right hand for advertizing logos and links.

Our advertizing system is ‘search relevant’ meaning that when a buyer does a search your ad will only be displayed if it was relevant to the search.

Example - If you manufacture ‘hot runner systems’ for injection mold tooling you likely do not want your advertisement to be displayed under ‘metal stamping dies’ etc.

You can choose which processes, supply types, and countries your advertisement is linked to during your set up and registration process.

So if you company provides products, materials or services to the tooling, processing and assembly industry, we want to hear from you! Please Contact us.

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