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The Global Resource for buyers and suppliers, with exact matching services for prototype & production, tooling, custom parts & assemblies.

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Buyers - Why use

Sourcing of tooling, processed parts and assemblies can be an expensive process, even when just sourcing locally.

But now that the world of manufacturing is a truly global one, the cost of global sourcing can be a hugely expensive process.

So the goal of is to provide a FREE method, for you the buyer to do very specific searches for what you are looking for.

How much time have you spent in the past looking through out of date directories, researching and traveling to companies that don’t really fit your needs?

Auditing companies that you know are not a good fit.

We have created MakeItGlobal, so you can search in detail for the right supplier.

You can then be more confident, that the companies you do choose to shortlist, and spend time and money visiting, are a close match from the very beginning.

Also as the world changes every day, MakeItGlobal provides a dynamic portal for you to view a constantly changing supplier base.

The major processes and services we currently cover are -

  • Rapid Prototyping processes and parts
  • Precision machined components
  • Tooling and parts for plastics – Injection, Compression, Blow, Rotational molds / etc
  • Tooling and parts for metals - Die casting, Stamping, Metal Injection Molding etc
  • Tooling and parts for other materials - Composites, Ceramics etc
  • Sub assemblies – mainly mechanical assemblies, including Jigs & Fixtures
  • Support services – tooling repair, engineering changes, preventative maintenance
  • Graining / texturing services etc
Suppliers included are -
  • Rapid prototyping companies
  • Precision machining companies
  • Prototyping and production toolmakers
  • Processors of plastics, metals, and other materials
  • Jig and fixture manufacturers
  • Sub assembly manufacturers, with a vast list of primary and secondary capabilities.
  • Support and service companies

So we hope you will find a valuable resource for finding what you are looking for in this global market.

If you have any suggestions on improving our service, or what you are looking for is not on our search system. Please Contact us.

Or if you would like to send us an RFQ of what you are looking to source, we can help you find the right supplier for you. Please Contact us.

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