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Support Partners

What is a Support Partner?

When molds and dies ship from one country or region to another, often customers require a local ‘support shop’ to provide local service for the molds, dies or other product that was shipped from overseas or over a long distance.

Who should be a support partner?

If your primary business is NOT to manufacture tooling, but you provide support services for-

  • Tooling for plastics - Injection molds / Compression molds / Blow molds etc
  • Tooling for metals - Die cast molds / Stamping dies / Metal injection molds etc
  • Tooling for other materials - Composites / Ceramics etc
  • Support for Jigs and fixtures and mechanical assemblies

Then we want to hear from you!

See example of a typical tooling support partner in the USA

All support partners should be high quality, well respected, service orientated businesses, typically will ISO 9001 certification.

There are two types of support partners-

1. Where a buyer or end customer only wants local support and repair services for tooling built by a 3rd party.

Typical services the partners provide

  • Tooling and process knowledge, to assist end customers in troubleshooting and mold operation
  • Tooling inspection - De-crating and pre-delivery inspection services prior to tooling being shipped to end customer
  • Transport services - For tooling to and from users site to you repair shop.
  • Repair services - Tooling repair / welding / engineering support.
  • Engineering services - CAD / CAM, support engineering changes and tooling modifications
  • Graining and texturing support – in house or subcontract.
  • On site customer service - Service engineers offering repair at customers site

2. Where a buyer prefers to place the actual purchase order for the build of the tooling with a local support partner, who will in turn globally source the molds or dies, the end customer relies on that support partner to manage the whole project.

These support companies are sometimes referred to as ‘integrators’ They provide all the services of 1. above but also provide

  • Design management, Project management, financial management.
  • Support overseas for tooling trials etc.
  • International shipping management
  • Local trucking services
  • Full warrantee and repair service in the ends user country.

Advantages of being a support partner

Being a partner gets your company on the homepage of

  • You will be shown as one of our major support companies in your region / country.
  • Your ‘ blue dot’ location will be displayed on the homepage global map, which will be a direct link to you company details.
  • If any buyer or user of tooling in your region needs repair and support services, your company will be shown right there.
  • If a buyer is bringing tooling into your region from overseas or just relocating tooling to another processor and needs local support, your company will be right there.

So if your company provides support services we want to hear from you, please Contact Us.

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